Perfect the Punch in Your Cover Letter

Your resume and cover letter should combine to deliver an effective “one-two punch” that grabs the positive attention needed to land an interview. Though many think the cover letter has become obsolete because of online resume posting, in reality the cover letter is equally important in electronic and paper applications. Typical business standards of communication […]

Become Irresistible to Employers to Land Interviews

Resumes have traditionally been used to communicate the facts of your education and training that qualify you for job openings. More recently, job seekers have tried spicing up their resumes by using colored paper, fancy fonts, and other flourishes. Although artistically appealing, none of these approaches is effective in getting an interview. The most effective […]

7 Phrases I Never Want to See on Your Cover Letter

Cover letters can contain just as many red flags to a prospective employer as a resume – and can end your chances of getting an interview just as fast.
Cover letters, however, have a language all their own… often made worse by overly-verbose authors, dispensing too much information or not doing their homework.
So, to help you […]

Tech-Savvy Resume Strategies

Increase the effectiveness of your resume through the productive use of technology. While being tech-savvy with your resume definitely includes posting to job websites, successful job candidates go far beyond the basics. Knowledge of leading edge uses of technology, in addition to basic Internet posting procedures, will help set your resume apart from the competition!
Resume […]

6 Resume Details that Help You Land More Interviews

“It’s all in the details.” This old adage also applies to your resume. Getting the details right will land you that interview! The resume is your first impression. Make sure you send the right message by getting the details across in a powerful presentation.
1. Remember the Purpose of the Resume
A resume is designed to land […]

7 Steps to Take Your Resume from Mediocre to Must Interview

Statistically speaking, most resumes – no matter how good we think they are – suck. Within the first 10 seconds of review, at least 60% of resumes are thrown away by hiring systems or recruiters.
Changing your resume from a “1 in 500” – and being seen as just another – to the “1 in 10” […]

Why Your Resume Needs a Facelift

We go to professionals to tune up our cars, cut our hair, and fix our plumbing, so why do we roll our eyes when it comes to professional resume writers? We all consider ourselves experts when it comes to writing our resumes, even though we might be just as in-the-dark as we would be trying […]

Stop the Resume Spray and Pray: 4 Tips That Make You More Employable

We’ve all been there… reading a job posting’s exciting title, and then the laundry list of qualifications that we don’t have (but really wish we did).
“I don’t have all those skills yet. But if they’d just gimme a chance, I know I’d totally rock at this job,” you think to yourself.
So, you tailor your resume […]

Does Your Resume Send the Right Message?

What message do hiring managers get when they read your resume? Without realizing it, you may be sending mixed messages. Aligning your job search with your current goals is a part of the resume-writing process many people don’t even stop to consider. As a result, resumes can sabotage your job search due […]

7 Strategies to Showcase Your Unique Value to Employers

Although the job market is opening up a bit, it remains very competitive. In a tight job market, only the most unique individuals stand out. The first strategy to help separate yourself from the pack is a resume update, even if your resume is only a few years old. Attract positive interest by revamping your […]