5 Things to Know Before Choosing a Management Position

The best advice that exists regarding making a career choice is to make sure you really do your homework and research before jumping into a career.  We all too often look at the more superficial aspects to a career and think we know all there is to know about it just by what we observe.  […]

You Don’t Have to Be a Manager to Be a Leader

I think that many people when they see something about leadership or being a leader automatically dismiss it as not pertaining to them.  After all, if they aren’t a manager or don’t intend to manage, the information really doesn’t have anything for them to pay attention to, right?  No, not necessarily.
Leadership skills are something that […]

What To Do Now That You’re In Charge!

Wow! You’ve been working towards a promotion and now you’ve just been given your first job as a manager of a group.  This is a great opportunity and you are determined to let everyone know that their choice was a good one.
Here are some things you can do to ensure your first few months set […]

Career Development: The Importance of Integrity to Your Career Success

Integrity sometimes sounds stiff and kind of esoteric yet there are aspects to it that are so critical to your success that it bears pointing out – repeatedly.  Integrity can make or break your career which makes it well worth paying attention to.
In the world of work the primary thing we trade off of daily […]

9 Tips for Fixing a Tricky “People Problem” at Work

Most of us are extremely proud of our problem solving prowess.  As our experience has grown, so has our ability to solve increasingly complex business issues.  We can see around the next corner.  It’s a very satisfying skill to have.
Yet, all too often we seem to retreat when we face the issue of a problem […]

Are You Guilty of Being a Bad Boss? 5 Ways to Tell

If you are managing people, you know how tough it can be.  You’re balancing the business goals and the demands of your job, along with the people you’re responsible for.  You know the jokes about bad bosses and quite frankly, you haven’t given any thought about whether or not that might be you.
Countless people in […]

How Will You Spend Your Time This Week?

I am blessed to be surrounded by over-achievers, mentors and people that motivate me to do better – to be better.
I had a chance to talk to a young man this weekend – one of hundreds who descended on Reno, Nevada to attend a leadership conference – about what it means to be encircled by […]

The Balancing Act: Juggling Being a Student and a Community Leader

There are so many ways to contribute to society and you may be very passionate about being a community leader. As a student, it can become quite a balancing act…but it is possible to find your balance by keeping a strategic, well thought out schedule. You may even find that you can utilize ideas from […]

5 Leadership Qualities You Can Develop to Help You Get Promoted

Regardless of what we call it – Leadership – Managing – Being in charge – Supervising – the fact is when we assemble more than 1 person, there is someone who is leading the effort.  For many of us, that is the goal we pursue.  For some of us it simply happens whether it’s a […]

Defining You: A 3 Step Process in Personal Branding

Continuing the “where do we start?” aspect of Personal Branding began with “20 Steps to Create, Expand and Leverage Your Personal Brand”, let’s take a look at the best possible ways to define you – and your personal brand.
Through this three step process, you’ll be able to define – and, most important, articulate – your […]