12 Steps to a Targeted Job Search

You’ve sent dozens – maybe hundreds – of resumes. But you’re not getting called by recruiters. And even worse – when you do get called, you’re not getting hired. What’s wrong with these recruiters?!
Don’t get discouraged. As they say, “It’s not you. It’s them”.
It’s probably you. And if all you’ve done is send resumes […]

5 Defining Moments of Every Job Interview

In every job interview, there are five “make-it-or-break-it” moments that send the candidate onto the next round of interviews, possibly even a job offer, or to the discard pile.
Of course, there are highly important aspects before (research) and after (effective follow up) the interview. For the purpose of this discussion, however, we’ll focus exclusively on […]

6 Tips for Avoiding Burnout in Your Job Search

Searching for a new job — even with the multitude of tools and resources available — can be almost immediately overwhelming. So it’s no surprise a large amount of job seekers experience job search burnout at one point or another.
Want to get back on track to new employment? Here are some ways to avoid burnout […]

Fighting Off Negativity During Your Job Search

It’s no secret most job seekers experience a roller-coaster of emotions while embarked on their hunt for employment. Every day presents a challenge with the likelihood of facing some of your highest highs and lowest lows. The current job climate also isn’t doing much to help in the way of daily job search struggles.
From frustration to lowered self-confidence, […]

Top MBA Jobs from Doostang: 8-23-2013 Edition

Founded in 2005, Doostang is one of the largest career platforms for business professionals in the world. Doostang is a community of over 1 million elite professionals who have inside access to top jobs from premier employers in finance, consulting, media, technology, and more. Members join Doostang to get exclusive access to over 15,000 hand-picked […]

Search Business News to Find a New Job

Reading the news with an eye toward your job search can open up unexpected leads and contacts for a new job. The key lies in what you are looking for when you read the news. Learn to mine the news for hints of impending job opportunities and you will be landing a new job before […]

7 Steps to Take Your Resume from Mediocre to Must Interview

Statistically speaking, most resumes – no matter how good we think they are – suck. Within the first 10 seconds of review, at least 60% of resumes are thrown away by hiring systems or recruiters.
Changing your resume from a “1 in 500” – and being seen as just another – to the “1 in 10” […]

10 Examples of Job Seekers Successfully Utilizing Social Media

Ignoring social media in your job search can be detrimental to landing a new job. Not only is it important to get active on these platforms, but you may also need to step outside of your comfort zone in order to really stand out to potential employers. Check out what some experts had to say […]

Stop the Resume Spray and Pray: 4 Tips That Make You More Employable

We’ve all been there… reading a job posting’s exciting title, and then the laundry list of qualifications that we don’t have (but really wish we did).
“I don’t have all those skills yet. But if they’d just gimme a chance, I know I’d totally rock at this job,” you think to yourself.
So, you tailor your resume […]

6 Red Flags Interviewees Should Notice Before Accepting a Job

Interviews aren’t just for impressing the interviewer — the interviewee should be impressed, too. When entering the interview process, it’s important to be an observant job candidate. Although you are being interviewed, make sure you keep an eye out for red flags. Sometimes, the interview can be the first sign the job isn’t for you.
Wondering […]