How to Get More Interviews in a Competitive Job Market [WEBINAR]

Employers can receive hundreds of applications for every vacancy. How do you make your application stand out and get called for an interview? Learn how to shorten your job search and end the anxiety of getting that interview. We reveal the secrets to successful job applications.
What ROI […]

3 Secrets to Turn an Interview into an Offer [WEBINAR]

The interview went great. They loved your answers. You had an excellent rapport and you’re sure this time the job is yours. And then the email comes – they offered the job to someone else. Again.
Frustration sets in. Discouragement piles up. The shoulders slump. And then the thoughts begin: “Why is […]

4 Tips for Creating Engagement in Video Interviews

While you may be tempted to try to become the next viral video interview hit, if you really want to impress a potential employer, maintaining a balance of professionalism with creativity is key. Video interviews continue to gain popularity with large organizations due to their potential to save a company both time and money. They […]

Tip #13: Watch Your Communication Skills at the Interview

My kids have a knack for answering my questions with concise, factual answers like “I don’t know” or “I guess so” or “nothing happened.” They’re young people, so I don’t expect enlightening answers that open doors to stimulating conversations. On the other hand, I would like to know what happened at school, if they had […]

How Do You Answer: How Long Have You Been Seeking Job Opportunities?

As a job seeker it’s important to understand the motivations and how a recruiter functions.  There are two different types of recruiters – retained or staff – their goals are still largely the same. Recruiters have one primary goal: fill the position as quickly as possible.  This goal is especially true for what is called […]

How to Handle “Curve Ball” Questions in a Job Interview

You landed an interview for a position you really want. You meet all the stated requirements and you’ve got the requisite experience. You’ve prepared for the interview, nailing down your responses to all the tough questions you expect to be asked.
Then the interview begins – and the questions asked seem to come out of the […]

Your Interview Behavior and How to Create Fast “Likeability”

The impression you make on the interviewer is more than delivering a great response to a question.  The impact you make on them will come as a result of your own behavior and interaction with them.  People want to hire people that they like and share similar values.  While all of those things can’t possibly […]

How to Prepare to Interview for a Specific Opening

The time will come when your dream company will fall in love with you and want to schedule an interview for a specific position.  You’ve read all the tough interview questions and how best to respond.  You’ve practiced but now, you have a “real job” to interview for.  What should you be doing to ensure […]

Mastering the Interview with KEY MESSAGES and Sales Techniques

The entire job search process is really a sales and marketing activity, with you being the product being promoted.  Everything to this point has been about marketing you and selling you as the best option for this position.  Your interview is now your opportunity to “sell yourself”.  Selling is often seen as uncomfortable for some […]

What to Do at the End of an Interview

One of the hardest times for job seekers is the period of time following an interview.  A job seeker is left wondering what to do next and what to expect.  There are things you can do that will help keep you uppermost in the mind of the hiring manager and to continue to influence even […]