MBA Job Offer Decision Checklist

Offer Decision ChecklistAs you explore new opportunities, make sure you address the issues that you now know are important to your job satisfaction.

Don’t get fooled into thinking that any situation is better than the one you are in. As you thoughtfully consider your options ask yourself questions like:

____ Do I like the tasks and duties associated with this job?

____ Will this job utilize my skills and experience?

____ Is there the right amount of room from growth?

____ How does the job gel with most of my natural preferences?

____ What kind of person is my potential boss? Does s/he seem like a person who shares my values, ethics, and philosophies?

____ Do my potential co-workers seem happy and engaged?

____ What is the organizational structure of the company?

____ What is the company culture?

____ Would I be part of a team, or would I be working alone?

____ Does this job meet my financial expectations?

This checklist was provided to you by MBA Highway. We hope you have found it useful to your job search and resume development.

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