MBA Interview Assessment

Interview AssessmentBelow is an assessment checklist for you to use as a reminder of the various things you will want to remember while preparing for your interview and during the interview itself.

If you feel you are weak in any of the areas identified below, you may want to research books and articles on effective communications.

Interacting with the Interviewer

____ Did the interviewee establish rapport with the interviewer?
____ Did the interviewee show interest, optimism, and “controlled” enthusiasm? Relaxed, but energetic?
____ Listen carefully to questions and ask clarification as needed?
____ Did the interviewee provide clear, concise answers to the questions?
____ Answers should not be more than 2 minutes long.
____ Were the answers in success story format? (Situation – Action – Result)
____ Did the interviewee “take control” by asking questions such as:
____ What is the company’s current situation?
____ What issues is the company facing? Does this position address any of those issues?
____ Then, did the interviewee explain how their qualifications might address these issues?
____ Did the interviewee ask questions about the requirements of the job? Was enough information gathered to determine whether he/ she can do the job?
____ Did the interviewee avoid negative talk about their former employer and supervisors?
____ Were any questions about salary postponed to the degree possible?
____ How did the interviewee handle any difficult questions that were asked?


____ Was the interviewee confident and professional?
____ Did the interviewee seem well organized?
____ Was the interviewee’s non-verbal communication appropriate (not distracting)? Were hand gestures and eye contact appropriate?
____ How much of the time did the interviewee talk vs. the interviewer? The split should be close to 50/ 50 = the interviewee talks half of the time, the interviewer talks half of the time.
____ Did the interviewee seem prepared for the interview?
____ Was the personal grooming and clothing appropriate for the interview?


____ Does the interviewee know what the next steps are in the interview process? If not, did the interviewee ask about next steps?
____ Does the interviewee plan to send a follow up thank you letter or email after the interview?

This checklist was provided to you by MBA Highway. We hope you have found it useful to your job search and resume development.

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