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Are you a top MBA career expert? Do you want to build your brand, as well as your business?

Then we may have just the opportunity for you!

Experience a boost of exposure, credibility and business by becoming one of our official career experts via the MBA Highway Career Expert Program.

MBA Highway, the top blog exclusively for MBA professionals, currently serves over 20k+ visitors a month (and growing) and cultivates a community of over 40k+ members across LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and our own mailing list.

This translates into a significant increase in exposure for you and your services and the opportunity to expand your social network of followers, your own mailing list and overall impact as a thought leader.

You will be featured among a hand-selected group of career experts serving MBA job seekers and professionals.

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The following outlines how you, if accepted, can take full advantage of all the program’s benefits:

Quarterly Fee by Level
Program Benefits
Career Expert Bio Page (Photo + Bio + Services + Links + Posts)
Articles Published on Website
Articles Promoted in Weekly Newsletters (Email, LinkedIn Etc.)
Articles Shared Daily via Social Networks (LinkedIn, Twitter Etc.)
Syndication Opportunities via Major Media Outlets
Introduction on Social Networks (LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook)
Participation in Event Calendar
Credibility as Approved Expert (Badge)
Offerings Featured in Website Promotions
Featured Offerings Rotating Promo (All Pages)
Guest Interview on Career Studios
Featured Article Slideshow (Home Page)
Featured Expert Rotating Promo (All Pages)
468×60 Banner Ad for Your Services (Your Blog Posts)
125×125 Banner Ad for Your Services (Sidebar – All Pages)
Logo Feature (Home Page)
300×250 Banner Ad for Your Services (Sidebar – All Pages)
Auto-Tweeting Your Personal Blog Posts (If Applicable)
Auto-Feeding Your Personal Blog Posts to LinkedIn (If Applicable)

Reason for the Program
The MBA Highway Career Expert Program was established not only to provide the industry’s top MBLA career experts additional marketing opportunities to gain more exposure, credibility and business through our site and networks, but also to ensure we only deliver the highest quality career content to our readers via a more formal application and screening process.

Reason for the Cost
This quarterly maintenance fee covers the promotional costs for you, your expertise and your services to our readership and professional networks and communities.

How to Apply
Act now and apply to join our team of Official MBA Career Experts by filling out the form below.

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