Tip #10: Following Up with Your Network

You’ve made a connection at one of your desired companies, have met with an accountant, business analyst, public relations specialist, or someone who does what you’d like to pursue. Whether you’re an MBA graduate or veteran to the workforce, following up with the people you talk with on your way to a new job is paramount […]

Tip #8: Using LinkedIn to Network Online

Previously we looked at Making a List of Target Companies. Now we’ll discuss networking online with LinkedIn.
As an MBA student anxiously awaiting the time when you’ll make your entry into the labor market, there’s one thing you’ll have to do before you make your splash into the “real world.” You’ll need to join the ultimate […]

Network like an Executive and Get Amazing Job Search Results

Just to recap our story so far; our executive launched her job search and in 8 short weeks had 2 job offers.  She had “applied” online to only 1 position.  The first few weeks were spent contacting 75 of her existing network who in turn referred her to about 30 more people which netted her […]

Thom Singer: Why We Struggle With Networking

In this post, we’ll hear from speaker and author, Thom Singer, who is an expert in social networking and personal branding.  After you read this post on our flaws in Networking, make sure to check out his site to gain a lot more insight on how you can become a much better networker.  Thom can […]

Tip #6: Developing Your Contact List

The last tip was about creating your accomplishment list. Today we’ll address creating and growing your contact list.
By now you know that the best way to find work is to network. Statistics from the Department of Labor show that networking accounts for at least 60% of jobseekers success, if used alone. Throw in online networking […]

Elevator Speeches Are Not Only for Entrepreneurs

The directive “Tell me about yourself” strikes fear in the hearts of even the most accomplished people. That’s because they haven’t given serious consideration to how they’ll answer this directive. It’s also because they haven’t given thought to how to construct a persuasive elevator speech. Have you?
Aileen Pincus wrote an article for Bloomberg Business Week on the perfect […]

Professional Networking: The One That Got Away

When it comes to networking for my career, I guess you could say I’m a lot like most people. The thought of entering a room full of a whole bunch of people I don’t know and trying to sell myself appeals to me just about as much as throwing myself out of an airplane. Yet, […]