How to Become a Change Leader

My latest interview brings you phenomenal insight into what it takes to become a change leader in a world that is full of change.  In this interview, we talk with Dr. Samuel Chand.  As a Dream Releaser, Dr. Samuel R. Chand serves Pastors, ministries and businesses as a Leadership Architect and Change strategist.  Dr. Chand […]

How Often Should You Check-In with Your Employees?

How often do you meet with your employees and provide useful feedback? Once a week? Once a month? Once a year? If you are a manager who regularly meets with your employees and makes suggestions, keep it up. What is “regular”? There is no cookie cutter plan for checking-in with your employees. Undoubtedly, the frequency […]

6 Keys that Make a Big Picture Work Better

Your Big Picture, the overall plan you create for you and your business is made up of many parts.
They need to make sense for you and most importantly need to be working together.
Here are 6 key areas that should be reviewed in determining if in fact your big picture is working.
1) The current business […]

Key to Success: Surround Yourself With Those Who Give a Sh*t

Daniel Newman posted a blog this week titled “You Can’t Teach Give a Sh*t”. Great title! Even a better read.
Dan (@danienewmanUV on Twitter) is a great mind and leader, and that blog got me thinking…
I’m blessed to be surrounded by people who DO give a sh*t… at YouTern, at home, my family, friends and business […]

5 Leadership Lessons You Can Only Get From Experience

There’s an age old debate about whether or not leaders can be made, or if you have to be born that way.  Nevertheless, every year, countless professionals of all experience levels and all walks of life decide to invest in themselves to hopefully become the next great leader.
There are a plethora of degrees, certificates, specializations, seminars […]