Fighting Off Negativity During Your Job Search

It’s no secret most job seekers experience a roller-coaster of emotions while embarked on their hunt for employment. Every day presents a challenge with the likelihood of facing some of your highest highs and lowest lows. The current job climate also isn’t doing much to help in the way of daily job search struggles.
From frustration to lowered self-confidence, […]

Search Business News to Find a New Job

Reading the news with an eye toward your job search can open up unexpected leads and contacts for a new job. The key lies in what you are looking for when you read the news. Learn to mine the news for hints of impending job opportunities and you will be landing a new job before […]

10 Examples of Job Seekers Successfully Utilizing Social Media

Ignoring social media in your job search can be detrimental to landing a new job. Not only is it important to get active on these platforms, but you may also need to step outside of your comfort zone in order to really stand out to potential employers. Check out what some experts had to say […]

Is Your LinkedIn Profile a Disaster?

Interested in having your LinkedIn profile professionally writtenby Doostang? E-mail for more information.
Most job seekers know to update their resume when it’s time to look for a new job. But what about your social media footprint? One of the first places recruiters look for talent in the social sphere is the professional networking site LinkedIn.
You might have […]

5 Ways Recruiters ARE Using Social Media (But Not Like You Think)

By now, you know recruiters and hiring managers are checking you out on social media.
However, most job seekers seem to think we’re only looking for keg-stand pics or some other arbitrary reason not to hire you; bad-mouthing your old boss, for example.
And they would be wrong.
When recruiters – some of whom have these social media […]

5 Tips for Older Job Seekers Hoping to Land a New Position in 2013

Although the unemployment numbers for older job seekers have started to improve, many folks are still struggling to land a new job this year.
How can older job candidates improve their chances of employment in 2013? Check out these five tips:
Don’t Get Another Job, Run Your Own Business
If you are near retirement, you may be afraid […]

What Job Seekers Should Know About Applicant Tracking Systems

Job seekers often lament over the lengthy application processes they must endure to apply for only one job. They go through applications several pages long, cover letter writing, and document formatting to get materials submitted. Why do companies make this process so lengthy and cumbersome?
Three words: applicant tracking systems.
Otherwise known as ATS software, applicant tracking […]

6 Tips for Landing a New Job

Job searches can feel contradictory and confusing at times as you try to cover all the bases while simultaneously targeting a specific industry. In these tough economic times innovation is often necessary to land a job. At the same time, you don’t want to be seen as too far removed from the mainstream when […]

No Job Offers? Maybe You’re Scaring Recruiters Away

It seems that many in the ranks of the unemployed… are unemployed for a reason.
One of three reasons, to be exact.
Their failure to find work is often because they fall into one of three job seeker personality types: the Ego, the Victim and the Stalker… each of which scare away hiring managers and recruiters – […]

4 Steps to Secure Your New Job

Shifting the focus of your resume can make a more powerful impact on hiring managers. A positive new attitude can help open doors to a new job. Try the following few simple steps:
1. Focus on Accomplishments
A strong resume highlights accomplishments. It can be easy to forget achievements if you have not included them […]