8 Do’s and Don’ts for Conducting a Smart Job Search

Are you conducting a smart job search or just an average job search? With unemployment at record levels, lots of people are in the middle of a job search. Some are going through all the right motions but they aren’t working smart. As a result, their searches take more effort, get fewer results, and take […]

Impress Hiring Managers by Showcasing Your Strengths

Competition for job openings continues to be fierce. But you can set yourself apart by smartly displaying your strengths, specialized training, and accomplishments to beat out the competition! Use the ideas below to develop your plan to showcase your strengths.
Flaunt Professional Development Activities
Perhaps you aced the latest company training session, or sought out additional educational […]

Not Getting Job Interviews? Recruiters Aren’t Your Problem

I read a book a while back called If It’s Going To, Be It’s Up to Me by Robert H. Schuller. A self-help book, the gist is that we all have abilities and talents – but most of this potential goes underutilized, or completely un-used. According to the author, we can’t rely on others to […]

How to Choose Employment References

Choosing your employment references is probably close to the bottom on your list of job search worries. You just pick a few previous bosses and call it a day, right? Wrong!
In preparation for (and during) the job search, we’re often too busy focusing on perfecting our resume and intensely scanning job boards. It’s all too […]

3 Advocates That Greatly Increase Job Search Success

A job search can be long and difficult… and lonely. After a while, frustration sets in. At first, nothing but your dream job would be acceptable.
Now, maybe you’ve considered settling for something outside your ideal career path, joining the growing ranks of the “under-employed”. In the most frustrating situations, perhaps you’re included in the million-plus […]

6 Tips for Baby Boomers with Resume Gaps

Been laid off or let go in the last several years? It’s inevitable you may have gaps in work experience in your resume. Unfortunately, this can make your job search more difficult, as employers are often wary of hiring candidates with gaps for one reason or another.
So what can you do about gaps in your […]

4 Ways to Spot a Good Job Opportunity from a Bad One

On the job search, it can be difficult to determine good job opportunities from the bad ones–especially when limited information is available.
So how can you recognize a good job offer or job posting from a bad one? Here’s what several experts had to say:
1. Direct Contacts Matter
I like it when I see there’s an actual […]

Accelerate Your Job Search with Social Media

If you haven’t noticed, social media has “grown up.” It’s one of the most effective ways to get your qualifications and resume in front of as many corporate eyes as possible. In addition to helping you expand the reach of your search, social media is also cost effective, measured only by the time you invest. […]

12 Steps to a Targeted Job Search

You’ve sent dozens – maybe hundreds – of resumes. But you’re not getting called by recruiters. And even worse – when you do get called, you’re not getting hired. What’s wrong with these recruiters?!
Don’t get discouraged. As they say, “It’s not you. It’s them”.
It’s probably you. And if all you’ve done is send resumes […]

6 Tips for Avoiding Burnout in Your Job Search

Searching for a new job — even with the multitude of tools and resources available — can be almost immediately overwhelming. So it’s no surprise a large amount of job seekers experience job search burnout at one point or another.
Want to get back on track to new employment? Here are some ways to avoid burnout […]