7 Ways You’re Not Impressing Your Boss

Are you hoping to receive a raise, get a title promotion, or simply gain the respect of your boss? Take a moment to think back to the last time you spoke to your supervisor directly or did something that received a high level of recognition. Has it been a while? Also, do you feel stressed, […]

Why “Follow Your Passion” SUCKS as Career Advice

At the risk of alienating every “live your dream!” angel out there… it is official:
“Follow your passion!” sucks as career advice.
Do you know how many people who follow this mantra are unemployed or under-employed? Do you know how many passion-or-nothing disciples spend their days playing Call of Duty, watching reality television and banging on social […]

6 Old-Fashioned Ways to Be Productive at Work

With all of the productivity applications and online calendars, old-fashioned planners and notebooks are going out of style. Technology has allowed workers to store all of their documents, to-do lists, calendars, and deadlines within their computers and smartphones.
Although today’s technology provides excellent applications to increase productivity, sometimes your brain can go into information overload when […]

10 Ways to Tell If Your Career at a Standstill

Do you feel like your current job is no longer satisfying? Then maybe it’s time to re-examine your goals – or even move on to a new career.
If you’ve held the same position for years without a raise or simply cannot find any joy in your work, then these could be signs your career is […]

The MBA: A Great Strategy For Change

An MBA is obviously viewed by many as the perfect source for those looking for a career change, where as many as 37 percent of MBA applicants surveyed reported “career change” as their leading motivation to undertake an MBA, according to a recent QS TopMBA Applicant Survey. In some regions like North America, considerably more […]

Designing a Powerful Career [WEBINAR]

How easy it is to land that hard fought for job and then kick back into a daily routine. The problem with doing that is there will come a day when you wake up to find you’re not too crazy about where your career is headed (or not headed).
Many people really don’t give it […]

Overqualified and Underemployed: How to Move On Up

You have the degree and you have a job. The only problem? Your degree is saying you should have a much better job. It might seem trivial to complain about being gainfully employed in this economy, but having the right job is important. After all, you went through school so that you could succeed in […]

Career Development: Are You Bragging or Self Promoting?

When it comes to self promotion, there seem to be about three groups of people:
1. No self promotion.  They either feel that the work speaks for itself or that self promotion is bragging.
2. Mindless bragging.  They give no thought to what they are saying or how it affects them or others; more than likely highly […]

If You Have a Job, Why Do You Need to Use LinkedIn?

Most of the commentary about LinkedIn usually has do to with job search, yet those with a job can also benefit from the use of LinkedIn, if they have any plans for career growth.  Four things you can accomplish with LinkedIn easier than ever before are:
1. Nurture your existing network
2. Expand your network
3. Extend  and […]

Clarifying Personal Branding and Why It’s Important to You

Personal branding is one of those terms that are largely unclear or misinterpreted.  As a result, some experts in the field are steering away from the term all together.  I like the term.  I think it is filled with meaning and can see why Tom Peters (business guru) coined the term a decade ago.
To get […]