Mona Abdel-Halim is the co-founder of Resunate, a web-based software to evaluate your resume for every job. Resunate has recently partnered with Myers-Briggs® to give users the option to take the assessment online and feed their results into its engine, enabling Resunate to provide personalized resume feedback based on your type. You can find Mona and Resunate on Facebook and Twitter.


Services & Offerings:

Resunate is the flagship product of Careerimp, Inc. ( Our mission is to make applying to jobs easier, more effective, and, believe it or not, even fun. Whether you are just getting started in your job search and need help building a resume or identifying your strengths for an upcoming interview - Resunate can help! If you have been on the hunt for awhile and need a place to unwind and vent about HR (mis)adventures, check out our latest project, or join us for our #MyCR Twitter chat on alternate Tuesdays at 8pm EST (

Why I Serve Careerists & Job Seekers:

My co-founders and I came together in early 2010, frustrated with the current state of job applications. We observed that most job seekers were blindly submitting their resume without understanding how it would be processed by employers. And, as job seekers crafted their resumes, they often decided to forgo tailoring their resume for every job. The result - crappy resumes that end up in the proverbial shredder. Hence, the launch of Resunate. A web tool to provide legitimate, quantitative feedback to job seekers; and confidence for employers that they are selecting the best candidate in their applicant pool.


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