Dan Citrenbaum is a Franchise Coach and Entrepreneurial Consultant, and is a franchisee himself. He has spent over 25 years helping small business owners start and grow their businesses, in order to achieve their dreams. He offers a free service to help people find an existing business to buy, or a successful franchise to start. View his company’s web site at www.EntrepreneurOption.com. Dan can be reached at DCitrenbaum@gmail.com or at 215-367-5349.

Dan provides consultations to individuals interested in exploring working for themselves. Dan’s services are completely free to any individual interested in learning more about business ownership. He assists his clients by:
  • Learning about the background, goals, interests of people who may be interested in going into business for themselves.
  • Matching these people with business ownership opportunities that most closely fit who they are.
  • Helping the candidates to research these opportunities.
Dan has been involved in advising small business owners and managers for more than 25 years. He has helped thousands of business people realize their dreams of business ownership and controlling their own destiny.


Services & Offerings:

At The Entrepreneur Option, we work with people who might be frustrated with corporate America or discouraged by the job market. Many of the people we help have experienced subtle age discrimination. Our clients are interested in gaining more control over their careers. We help people who would like the security and income they can get from owning their own business.

We can guide you through the process of buying an existing business or starting a new franchise. We help reduce the risk of business ownership.

Why I Serve Careerists & Job Seekers:

I have owned my own business for almost my entire career. I have started independent businesses, I have invested in existing businesses, and I have purchased a new franchise. In addition, I have advised thousands of business people who have started or expanded their own companies.

I have a unique understanding of what is involved in becoming a business owner. If you know someone interested in business ownership I can show them how do accomplish this with the greatest chance of success and the lowest risk.


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