8 Ways to Get Your Resume Sent to the Recycling Bin

Your resume is the foundation of your job search. And if it’s not up to par, it’s likely to hold you back from ever moving forward in the hiring process.

In the current job market, hiring managers are dealing with huge applicant pools for each job listing, as well as a shortened amount of time for reviewing each application. In fact, your resume has roughly seven seconds to leave an impression on your potential employer before it gets sent to the recycling bin.

Is your resume the reason why you’re not hearing back from potential employers? Here are eight things that may be getting your resume tossed out:

1. Simple Errors

Your search for a job leaves little to no room for error. Sending in a resume that’s riddled with spelling and grammatical errors is certain to leave a bad taste in the reader’s mouth. An error-filled resume has the potential to present you to an employer as lacking attention to detail, careless, and even uninterested in the position. It’s crucial that you triple check your resume for errors, as well as let others play editor.

2. Lies

Lying on your resume is never acceptable. Even if you feel that there’s no way your potential employer will be able to figure it out — you’re probably wrong. Stretching the truth may seem tempting, but it’s not likely to have a positive effect on getting you hired. Keep your resume truthful to stay in the running.

3. Inappropriate Information

It’s important that your resume is free of any information regarding your age, sexual orientation, religion, or even what you look like. None of this information is necessary for getting hired and is certain to immediately remove you from the hiring process.

4. Missing A Skills Section

It’s becoming all too common for job seekers to completely forget the importance of the skills section on their resume. If it’s not removed completely, it’s often placed at the bottom of their resume–the farthest place from the reader’s line of vision. A successful resume has a skills section customized to the job you’re applying for and is placed just below the heading of your resume.

5. Too Much Content

While it may seem hard to bundle all of your experience into a one or two page resume, it’s crucial. Any longer, and your resume is sure to be passed over. No hiring manager has time to read your five-page resume. To set yourself apart, keep your resume clear, concise, and customized to each job that you apply for.

6. An Objective Statement

Not only are they outdated, but they can often work against what you’re trying your best to convey in your resume. An objective statement is something that should be taken care of in a cover letter, rather than taking up space on your resume.

7. Salary

Putting your salary history on your resume is a great way to automatically remove yourself from the running. Placing this kind of information on your resume isn’t the norm, and it’s an easy way to let your potential employer see your worth and make an immediate judgment based on that information.

8. References

Don’t waste valuable space on your resume by providing your references or even a statement explaining that you will provide them upon request. In this day and age, it’s known that you have references and are willing to share them with your potential employer. Remember that the hiring manager reading your resume wants to get as much information about you in the shortest amount of time; don’t waste their time by presenting them with information they haven’t asked for.

Overall, a strong resume is clear, concise, and involves an easy-to-read formatting. Be sure the information you provide is error-free, accurate, and compelling. Keep your resume free of these mistakes and you’ll be one step closer to getting hired.

Guest Expert:

Afifa Siddiqui is the COO and Co-founder ofCareerleaf, an all-in-one job search platform that cuts the time to apply in half. Connect with Afifa and Careerleaf onFacebook,Twitter andLinkedIn.

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