5 Ways to Organize Your MBA Job Search

Job searching can be a messy task, especially in this competitive job market. Managing your search to ensure that it’s running like a well-oiled machine takes time and dedication, and some organization tactics might not work for everyone.

Don’t let the clutter and disorder take a toll on your productivity. Try these five tips organize your job search to boost your results:

1. Set Goals

A great way to begin your organization process is by clearly defining and setting the goals for your job search. While the ultimate goal is to find employment, getting there means setting goals for creating networking connections and the number of relevant jobs you plan to apply to each week.

2. Embrace Lists

It’s surprising how many people overlook the simple organizational factors that a list, especially in the form of a spreadsheet, can provide during a job search. Feeling a little lost? Let a well-compiled spreadsheet of tasks guide you through the darkness. Some areas of the job search that can be made easier and more organized with a list are as follows:

  • Networking contact information
  • Companies you’re researching
  • Job postings to apply for

3. Keep Track

The job search involves significant amounts of memory. Whether you’re trying to remember where and when you applied to a certain job or how long it’s been since you’ve heard from a hiring manager, tracking your job search progress can certainly lighten the load. Since you’ve already mastered the list, create a system to keep track of where you’ve applied, when you sent your materials, company information, and whatever you else you feel is essential to the process.

4. Manage From One Space

Online or off, an organized workspace is a must. Even if you’ve already embarked on your job hunt, taking time to carefully organize and prepare your workspaces is essential to a successful job search. If your desk looks like a small explosion took place in the vicinity, it might be time to send it to the recycling bin.

Your online workspace should be treated with the same care. Compile and organize necessary job search materials into one space on your computer. Whether you decide to use folders, Dropbox, or Google Docs, it’s important that every document has a home to be neatly tucked away in.

5. Manage Your Time

Successfully job searching relies on good time-management skills. Setting goals, creating lists, and tracking your progress won’t be effective without the ability to properly manage your time. Keep your job search in check by creating a calendar to encompass anything from everyday tasks to the specific times of day that you have allotted to spend time on your search.

What steps have you taken to organize your job search? Share your tips below!

Guest Expert:

Amit De is the CEO and co-founder ofCareerleaf, an all-in-one job search platform that cuts the time to apply in half.. Connect with Amit and Careerleaf onFacebook,Twitter andLinkedIn.

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