The MBA: A Great Strategy For Change

An MBA is obviously viewed by many as the perfect source for those looking for a career change, where as many as 37 percent of MBA applicants surveyed reported “career change” as their leading motivation to undertake an MBA, according to a recent QS TopMBA Applicant Survey. In some regions like North America, considerably more MBA candidates are turning to MBA education in their quest for a new career as noted by a 2011 survey conducted by Veritas Prep, a provider of GMAT prep services, found that 70 percent of M.B.A. applicants are aiming to change careers.

While numerous sources don’t actually agree on the number of jobs you’ll have in your whole career, everyone agrees it will be many more than what your parents had.  The future of the global economy doesn’t seem to be providing any evidence that this trend will slow down anytime soon.  The fact is you’ll change jobs many times.  So what will make that easier?

Considering you’ll change jobs every 2 or 3 years (on average) throughout your lifetime, you’ll want to position yourself as one with great technical and social skills.  You need to be seen as someone with leadership potential and a history of superior performance.  Pursuit and obtainment of the MBA helps develop that image.   The MBA highlights your desire to learn, willingness to work hard and dedication to a specific goal for two years, despite all of the other things you have going on in your life.  But, you already understand this, especially if you’re enrolled in an MBA program or are considering it.

The real challenge is to understand what strategy for changing careers will serve you best throughout your career.  You’ll experience many different situations so defining a single proactive strategy might be difficult.  Sure you can always search the web, find some great statistics and try to build a strategy from there.  However, most professionals don’t follow statistics when they are making decisions that affect their career.  Real work experience is the best teacher, so professionals often seek out their peers, friends, family and others to help them understand their current situation and how they should respond.  In our latest ebook on career change, we’ve pulled together stories that help you assess your own path by looking at what others have done.  Why take the risk of making mistakes or running into roadblocks that others can tell you about?

The MBA Guide To Career Change is designed to share experiences from MBA professionals in various situations, such as using the MBA to change companies or obtain a position in an international company.  We not only need help in assessing our situation but we also seek to figure out what options we have in making a change.  Where can we go?  Who will hire us?  What can we do? Most importantly, how can we make the change?  The first step is to look at what others have done.  You need to find out what others like yourself have done, what works and what doesn’t.  That’s exactly what you’ll find in the ebooks in the Henry Series for MBAs.  Another great tool you’ll get from this book is a method for assessing your environment.  You’ll learn how to determine if the environment you are in or would like to be in will support your goals.

It’s important to remember that you’ll spend a great portion of your life working.  Why not make it fulfilling and meaningful.  The best way to ensure that is to avoid falling into bad situations or staying in it longer that you should.  Find out what an MBA can do for you and how to use it to build a better career by developing a method for making consistent positive change.

Guest Expert:

Todd Rhoad, MSEE, MBA is Director at BT Consulting, a career consulting firm in Altanta, and author of “Blitz The Ladder” and the soon to be released “MBA Owner’s Manual.” Todd can be reached at

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