The Evolution of the Resume in the 21st Century [WEBINAR]

In the past, resumes were often One Size Fits All cookie-cutter productions, and the idea was to produce a document that strictly followed accepted conventions and the final product was intended to be a comprehensive fact sheet that told perspective employers all about the duties and responsibilities a person acquired in their previous positions.

Then more creative resume writers started to incorporate a Summary of Qualifications section, which was often a list of keyword related to the job and industry they came from, and then resumes became achievement oriented documents.

In 2012, the resume is no longer a fact sheet, but has evolved into a customized marketing document, and although it is still achievement oriented the definition of achievement and accomplishments is somewhat different.

Today, a resume can and in many cases should push the envelope well beyond what was acceptable as recently as 5-10 years ago, and with the emergence of social media, the art of resume writing has reached new heights.

Join our next webinar from Career Studios to learn more:

[WEBINAR] Career Studios: The Evolution of the Resume in the 21st Century

Join us for an interview with our own Dorothy Tannahill Moran, Chris Perry and Perry Newman, executive resume writer, who will take us through an exciting exploration of what a resume looked like in the past (and what your resume may still look like today) and learn how professionals transform them into marketing documents that will yield better results in terms of send-out to response rates, first and follow-up interviews, and job offers.

In the words of Sonya Williams, VP of Marketing for a Fortune 250 company, “Perry is a wealth of knowledge and expertise… Anyone who has a initial conversation with him will be immediately impressed with his candor as he takes one on a journey of what the ‘inside’ of building a resume and career is really all about. He is a true ‘gem’ for anyone who really wants to embark on a fun, educational and fruitful career journey!

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Date: Tuesday, May 8
Time: 5:30pm Pacific/8:30pm Eastern

Access: **Note this event is a GoToWebinar event. You can use either phone or computer to attend. After registering, you will receive a confirmation with instructions. Also, enrolled participants will receive a FREE downloadable recording of this session following the seminar.

*Career Studios are owned and operated by Chris Perry & Dorothy Tannahill-Moran

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Dorothy Tannahill-Moran is a certified life and career coach. She works with aspiring professionals who are looking for career growth, advancement and entry into the “C” suite. As well, she works with people to overcome the sometimes daunting task of changing careers. With over 21 years in management, Dorothy has coached, trained and guided other professionals who have gone on to impressive and fulfilling careers. Her personal philosophy about careers is: “It’s not JUST a job; it’s half your life – so love your career”. You can check out her resources, blog and services at Next Chapter New Life and MBA Highway.

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