6 Common Job Search Issues and How to Avoid Them [WEBINAR]

You’ve been knocking on doors, applying to job openings and conducting the occasional interview. No job offer. You’re starting to wonder if you’re doing something wrong or if you are just too impatient with the process. You know it takes a while in this economy but when does it stop being the economy and start being something you should change? And if you have to change something, what would it be?

While you may not be doing anything wrong, there are some things that job seekers tend to do repeatedly and simply don’t realize it. It’s hard to tell sometimes especially with something you don’t have that much experience doing. You might check these things to see if this is you:

- No job clarity. This is the classic “I could do all kinds of things so I’ll apply for them” approach to job search. This won’t work. You must focus on 1-2 jobs.

- Mismatch in information. I’m applying to x job but my resume says I do “y” job. No wonder the hiring team rejected your resume.

- You aren’t networking. If you aren’t developing, expanding or nurturing your network, you probably won’t get a job anytime soon.

- You aren’t social networking. You don’t have to turn into a multi-social media platform person. Learn and use Linked In minimally and others if possible but you have to connect to people for a good job search.

- Online applications are your primary search. Stop that. Unless you like to compete and think you are super competitive in a group of 1000 you need to network. (see previous bullet)

- You don’t know “Why you?” You need to know the benefits of hiring you. If you aren’t sold on you no one else will be.

Your job search is like a finely calibrated instrument. If you are “off” on one thing you might find yourself lacking real progress toward that new job. Spend some time thinking through these things and seek help to get an expert opinion.

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[WEBINAR] Career Studios: 6 Common Job Search Issues and How to Avoid Them

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Dorothy Tannahill-Moran is a certified life and career coach. She works with aspiring professionals who are looking for career growth, advancement and entry into the “C” suite. As well, she works with people to overcome the sometimes daunting task of changing careers. With over 21 years in management, Dorothy has coached, trained and guided other professionals who have gone on to impressive and fulfilling careers. Her personal philosophy about careers is: “It’s not JUST a job; it’s half your life – so love your career”. You can check out her resources, blog and services at Next Chapter New Life and MBA Highway.

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